This year’s multi-part Times series: the difficulties of only being able to afford a single Ferrari

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It’s been a six years since the New York Times‘s Pultizer-winning, multi- multi-part series “How Race Is Lived in America” and a little over a year since the equally multi-part) “Class Matters.” What’s next on the didactic horizen? Apparently the plight of those who only break the top one percent of American wage earners.

“This year’s special contribution to the canon may be the argument that the moment has arrived for a battle that looks to most of the population like a battle among peers, which in a sense it is: the rich versus the rich, the meritocrats versus the meritocrats, the ambitious versus the ambitious. But it also pits two highly distinct groups, the merely rich and the superrich.”

A New Class War: The Haves vs. The Haves More
By Eric Konisberg
The New York Times
November 19, 2006

“Envy may be a sin in some books, but it is a powerful driving force in Silicon Valley, where technical achievements are admired but financial payoffs are the ultimate form of recognition. And now that the YouTube purchase has amplified talk of a second dot-com boom, many high-tech entrepreneurs — successful and not so successful — are examining their lives as measured against upstarts who have made it bigger.”

In Web World, Rich Now Envy Superrich
By Katie Hafner
The New York Times
November 21, 2006

Coming tomorrow: “In today’s NBA, the guards with $10 million contracts envy the centers with $40 million deals.”

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  1. ‘Times’ Still Concerned About Not-Yet-Obscenely Wealthy…

    And we officially have ourselves a trend ! At least in the Times , which, as Seth Mnookin points out…


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