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The Feeding the Monster blog, November 30, 2006: “There are some intriguing possibilities out there, though, at least one of which hasn’t been much discussed, and that’s the possibility that Trot Nixon ends up back in Boston on a one-year deal.”

The Boston Globe, December 1, 2006: “Sox: Nixon in ’07? Team may offer him arbitration.”

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  1. chris

    17 years ago

    So you got to Gammons sooner? 🙂


  2. zoowah

    17 years ago

    Murray Chass uncovered this tidbit weeks ago, after his extended investigative expose into steroid use in the Yankees clubhouse.


  3. 22Ryan

    17 years ago

    “When I heard that the Red Sox might be bringing Trot Nixon back, it restored my faith in the front office…. he’s gritty, he’s a dirt dog, he would play with a broken leg…he’s been great in right field.” — Linda, caller to WEEI’s Dale & Holley, 12.1.06

    Gee, and he’s only averaged 95 games a year since ’04. I guess a groin/hamstring/bicep pull is far more serious than a broken leg. Without even getting into the fact that he couldn’t even slug .400 last year. Deliver me from these morons.


  4. V06

    17 years ago

    “Without even getting into the fact that he couldn’t even slug .400 last year. Deliver me from these morons.”

    Comment by 22Ryan — December 1, 2006 @ 11:34 pm

    Check out the tv clip on the Globe’s Red Sox page of Bob Ryan and CHB giving Theo advice on the anti-Dirt Dog, JD Drew.

    “…an emotionless player who will not play well in Boston.”

    “…slug….slug…look in the dictionary and his picture is under the word ‘slug'”
    Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe on JD Drew.

    So Trot can’t slug and JD Drew IS a slug… did JD Drew’s wife do something to piss off Bob Ryan to provoke such a vitrolic assessment?!?
    How can Ryan be such a decent columnist but once the tv camera light turns on become such a fuckin’ dumbass?

    “…Johnny Damon… who’s a way better player than JD Drew.”
    Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe.

    Of course CHB is consistently a fuckin’ dumbass no matter what type of media he is involved in.

    My wife always liked Trot, but I admit that I’ve never cared for Trot. He always came off as some type of redneck, religious zealot with a semi-crazed look in his eyes during tv interviews. But, more importantly, hasn’t played well for the last 2 years.

    After seeing Ryan and CHB go off on JD Drew, I pray more than ever he does great in Boston. And practices what he preaches in turning the other cheek.


  5. miles44

    17 years ago

    I agree with V06 and 22Ryan. Boston fans & the media have become totally obsessed with character. I honestly believe it’s to the point where Shags and others would rather have Scott Fletcher and Darren Bragg out there than Manny and JD Drew.


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