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December 2nd, 2006 → 8:18 pm @ // No Comments

A quick note: we’ve had a lot of new people sign up on the site recently — which, believe me, is something I’m very grateful for, especially if you all are buying copies of the book. (Have I mentioned it makes a great holiday gift? It goes great with a personalized book plate.) So a quick reminder is in order: let’s keep the personal attacks — on players, or writers, on front office personnel — to a minimum. (And by minimum I mean to zero.) Bring on the constructive criticism. Bring on the fiesty debates. Don’t bring on the “so-and-so is a stupid worthless whore.”

So…if you post a comment and don’t see it go up on the site in some reasonable amount of time, don’t take it personally; I get emotional, too. And feel free to add something else to the discussion.

With that: onward! On Manny, on J.D., on Peavy and Nixon! Let the fun begin!

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