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December 5th, 2006 → 9:43 am @ // No Comments

Lots of news today…about how there’s not lots of news. Theo says he’ll be focusing on other things and only listening to teams’ offers for Manny, a player for whom the Sox — surprise! — say they want fair value for, preferably in the form of a closer. Shaughnessy talks about how much more fun life was in the good old days; he also reminds people he used to walk eight miles to school in the raging snow. And it was uphill both ways. Teams are still going to spend outrageous sums of money for mid-level players. And Daisuke Matsuzaka remains unsigned. Meanwhile, I’ll be gone for much of the day, which inevitably means all of the big news to come out of the winter meetings will happen in the next six hours. Such is life…

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