Yeah, that’s right: Theo did

December 15th, 2006 → 1:04 am @ // No Comments

You wanted to know who won that game of chicken? Anyone who saw Theo’s post-press conference live shot with Tina Cervasio knows damn well who won it: the Red Sox. Theo, et al., were driving to the tarmac and getting ready to fly back to Boston sans Matsuzakasan (you know: calling Boras’s bluff) when Boras rang and said, ‘Well, yeah, all right, I guess we will be on that plane after all.’

(Apparently, Buster Olney agrees.)

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    17 years ago

    Theo and the rest did an awesome job on this. I don’t think they could have done any better than they did. On the other hand, could Boras have done any better for his client than he did? Under these circumstances, probably not. He knew damn well he had to make that phone call.

    And Dice getting hustled into the Fleet Centre to drop the puck in the Bruins game and getting a standing o? How cool. How Boston.


  2. tinisoli

    17 years ago

    I love that Theo was about to get on the plane without Daisuke, that they actually called Boras’ bluff to that extent. But yeah, Boras never had leverage unless Daisuke was actually willing to go back to Seibu. And he obviously wasn’t. I like to think that when Boras knew he had to call Theo and tell him to hold the plane that he felt like George on “Seinfeld” when he’s spent so much time trying to get “hand” (preemptive break-up, etc.) but in the end he’s still dumped, still a chump. “But I’ve got hand!” And you’re gonna need it.

    Love the clip of Daisuke dropping the puck at the Garden. The guy appears to be totally at ease with screaming fans, which I guess comes naturally after a decade of superstardom. Let’s hope he’s got the skills and charisma of vintage Pedro, but without the primadonna routine and frayed labrum.


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