No shit.

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Bonds backs McGwire, Rose for Hall.”

Gee, I wonder why he’d argue that players trailed by the dark cloud of scandal should be voted into baseball’s Hall of Fame?

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  1. deversm

    17 years ago

    Bonds also stated that Perjury is more of a crime in theory than reality-based and that the statue of limitations for tax evasion should be one (1) year. “Furthermore, monogamy is an outdated philosophy left over from our agrarian ancestors. Now somebody get me a taco”, the glassy-eyed slugger added at the tail end of his Whippits-fueled rant.


  2. Jenny

    17 years ago

    Oh, look. Murray Chass is at it again:

    “A report here last week about Devern Hansack, a Nicaraguan pitcher for the Red Sox, prompted an e-mail message from Sergio Maltez of Managua in which he recalled the head-to-head competition the Red Sox and the Yankees waged for José Contreras four years ago. Contreras had defected from Cuba and had established residence in Nicaragua so he could be a free agent.

    The Yankees won the bidding, prompting severe vocal reaction from Larry Lucchino, the Red Sox’ chief executive, and severe physical reaction from Theo Epstein, the Red Sox’ general manager. Lucchino called the Yankees the evil empire. Epstein chose a different response.

    “It was true,” Maltez wrote, “that Theo Epstein broke the door of the hotel with a kick when the Yankees signed Contreras and not the Red Sox.””

    NY Times

    What in the world does this have to do with anything? It happened 4 years ago. It was a pseudo-story then and it’s less than that now. Wow, Murray, you really made Theo look bad there, what with pointing out that he, along with probably a third of the general public, has problems controlling his temper. Man, what a shocking revelation! So he broke a door. Who cares, and what does that have to do with Devern Hansack, whose name is randomly thrown in at the beginning to make this seem more relevant?


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