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Speaking of Shaughnessy, lord knows he and I are not the best of friends. I called him out in Feeding the Monster; he called me something along the lines of a two-bit, gutless coward. (My standard and stupid quip about this when asked is that “I don’t think the Shaughnessys are going to invite me over for Thanksgiving dinner anytime soon.” Seriously. Listen the next time I’m asked about Dan on the radio.)

That said, there are things I respect enormously about Shaughnessy. One is his fearlessness and his consistency in showing up to take his lumps after coming down hard on a player. (Unlike, say, Jay Mariotti.) Another is his (not quite as consistent) proclivity to go out and actually ask questions when mailing in a snide column would be far easier route.

Today’s piece on Schilling’s contract ultimatum is a perfect example. Schilling doesn’t get along with Shaughnessy. Shaughnessy knew that Schilling knew that Shaughnessy was going to get on him about his “sign me before the season starts” bit. And he called to get comment, and in doing so, got some gems.


Is Schilling negotiating through the media?

“That’s the way everything happens in this town, but they know I’m not doing that. Perception outside of the Red Sox and myself is uncontrollable for us. I’ve talked to Mr. Henry and Theo and we talked on this before it got public. We’re all in a good place.”

I call BS on that one; there’s nothing uncontrollable about telling people you need to be signed before the season starts, just as there’s nothing uncontrollable about telling WEEI that you’re going to play in ’08. For an example of how contract extensions can be done without media attention, take a look at Ortiz, David, circa 2006.

There’s also this gem:

“The media is the hardest part of this. There’s so much of it and there’s a lot of bitterness and jealousy here that doesn’t exist in other places. You guys have an immense impact on the ebb and flow of the fans and their take on things. It’s an ingrained part of culture here.”

I agree; the media is one of the hardest parts about playing in Boston. But it doesn’t seem to me that Curt is someone who shrinks from that spotlight. (Seriously, how did he keep a straight face while saying, “I don’t enjoy talking to the media. I don’t look forward to being in front of you guys . . .”?)

I love watching Curt pitch. (Most of the time; I didn’t love watching him come in as the newly annointed closer in ’05 to the strains of Guns ‘n’ Roses immadiately after a red-eye flight from California (necessitated because of an appearance on an ESPN awards show) only to get tattooed by the Yankees. But I digress.) His performance in the ’04 playoffs is rightly celebrated as one of the greatest of all time. I also think that it was totally unnecessary, and totally predictable, to cause this kind of mini-firestorm. Curt is too smart not to know this was going to be the result of his going public; to claim differently is disingenuous.

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  1. sharrock

    17 years ago

    What is particularly striking to me is that if Boston did not have the media coverage that it does, Curt would have never put on a Red Sox uniform. One of the biggest attractions for him (coming from AZ) was the escalated situation in Boston. He has courted it, used it, and benefited from it the entire time. Hey, its not a terrible thing that he took advantage of the scenario…. but its far too late for him to now pull a U-Turn.



    17 years ago

    Shaughnessy and Schilling: what a classic pairing. Two names that will forever be linked to the Curse and the Reverse. Hey, wasn’t it just a couple of weeks ago (Jan. 16) that Seth was lamenting the fact that there wasn’t much going in Red Sox land?

    Schilling can certainly be criticized for some seemingly disingenuous remarks. On the other hand some of what he said to Shaughnessy about negativity and vendettas is pretty hard to deny. Maybe Schill should be given more credit for the fact that his request of one more year at $13 million is quite reasonable, especially considering it’s about $9 million less than what another 40-plus pitcher will be offered this year.

    Or at least give him credit for ensuring that things with the Sox don’t stay boring for more than a week or two.


  3. tinisoli

    17 years ago

    I suspect Schilling regards his appearances on WEEI (or on presidential campaigns) as necessary for getting the “truth” out, or some such messianic nonsense. It’s as though whenever he opens his mouth he is simply correcting a misconception or setting the record straight. (Can you imagine how much we’d have to see of him if he were to run for political office, when he’d feel compelled to talk about EVERYTHING? Yikes.) If his contract request were going to leak out anyways, why not let that happen and then simply field reporters’ questions with minimal, cliche-infested language?

    What an ass.


  4. tmurph13

    17 years ago

    Thank God I live 3000 miles and another continent away from EEI-ville. How much does anyone want to wager with me that on the 1st of May Curt’s contract situation for 2008 will not be an issue? Another stupidly overblown little Red Sox drama.


  5. Ogie Oglethorpe

    17 years ago

    I find it interesting how Damon has been celebrated for being a shameless self-promoter and Schilling is vilified for it. Damon by the way almost single-handedly lost the 2004 ALCS for the Sox.


  6. Ogie Oglethorpe

    17 years ago

    Call Schilling what you want. Agree or disagree with him but you have to give him credit for “telling it like it is”. He is the first person to speak up but he also is there to take the blame if it is warranted. Personally, I think he appears on WEEI in order to dispell the Ministers of Disinformation. He handles the media in this town like Parecells and Larry Bird did during their stints here. Straight talk and calls them out on certain issues. I hope the the Sox reup him for another season whether or not he is at full strength because I think he will have a positive impact on the young pitchers that the Sox are trying to work into the team.


  7. V06

    17 years ago

    Schilling and Shaughnessy… what a battle of wits this appears to be… a cage-match if you will. I weigh each man by a simple test.. who would I drink beer with? Indeed I would deign to toss down a few pints w/ good ol’ Schill (and listen to him pontificate muy ad naseum) if only he were to pay the full bar tab, but I shouldn’t agree to be in the presence of the CHB for even one tasty sip of “Milwaukee’s Best”.

    While I think Dan Shaughnessy can often times be an entertaining read, it usually is when he is writing about Larry Bird & the Boston Celtics circa 1980’s. Has the man ever, just once on film, cracked a smile that was not smug and carried no negativity or self-consciousness with it… I’m not asking for a David Ortiz-the Heavens-just-opened-up-and-Jesus-looked-at-you smile…. just a smile that was genuinely playful and even self-deprecating.

    I fear that even in private, away from the typewriter, Dan Shaughnessy isn’t a good guy who’d you share a few beers and wings with while shootin’ the shit. And THAT is the saddest reference of ’em all.

    Seth M, I ask you to dispassionately describe to these humble readers who Dan Shaughnessy really is behind the scenes once and for all. Is he CHB or just misunderstood?


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