Spring is in the air and the world is full of the promise of fresh possibilities…

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There’s an hour and a half left in the 2007 Opening Day contest. And surely you can top the 55 people who’ve already put down their guesses…

Oh, and speaking of Opening Day, what could be a better matchup that Schilling versus…Gil Meche? I mean, I guess they make about the same about of money. But really, that’s a matchup?* I don’t know about you all, but the two games I’m most looking forward to are this Thursday’s rubber match of the KC series, in which our very own $100 million man takes the mound for the Sox for the very first time, and next Wednesday’s contest, when Dice-K takes the Fenway mound for the first time. Time for everyone to bone up on their Japanese…

Oh, and, of course: Happy Passover.

* Folks will actually be able to see today’s game, which is being broadcast on ESPN. Take advantage of that, folks. Unless you have DirectTV, that’ll be one of the few away, non-Yankees games you’ll be able to see.

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4 Comments → “Spring is in the air and the world is full of the promise of fresh possibilities…”

  1. Neil

    17 years ago

    Thursday’s game is only a “rubber match” if the Sox and Royal split the first two games of the series. Surely your expectations aren’t that low already.

    Good point…

    – Seth


  2. modonnel

    17 years ago

    Actually, I don’t think the Directv deal is 100% done.
    Talks are supposedly still going on today.


    Kerry’s hearings at least spurred the parties to get back to the bargaining table.



  3. MSGiro

    17 years ago

    Two observations.

    1. They need to do something about the camera and the fountain in Kauffman. That is amateur.

    2. Maybe Schilling should give up blogging, because he looks terrible right now. However, if he gets Gil Meched today I’ll be interested in seeing what he says about it.


  4. Jack

    17 years ago


    Nice job iinxing the Schilling v. Meche match-up.


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