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The Feeding the Monster 2007 Pre-Season Contest, that is. A quick scan through the entries shows only two contestants who had Youks hitting the Sox’s first home run of the season in the second game — ric and maranara — and only maranara also had JDD picking up his first RBI in the same game.

Also: I realized the “three winners” thing was a bit unclear, as was the way I’d tabulate scores. The three winners will be the three entries with the highest total scores. And the scores will be computed as follows:

* Each of the three portions of the contest will count for a total of 6 points, divided up as follows:
* HR: The correct player is needed for any other portion of the entry to count here; contestants who get that right will get two points. The game and inning count for another two points each; however, if a contestant gets the game wrong, the inning is automatically counted as incorrect. In other words, someone who guessed Youkilis would hit one out in the 7th inning of the 1st game won’t get two points for the correct inning, but s/he will get the two points for guessing Youkilis.

* J.D.’s first RBI: This will be divided into two components — game and inning — each worth three points; as above, the wrong game but the correct inning won’t get you any points.

* Dice K’s pitching line: Every component — innings pitched, hits, walks, strike outs, runs, and earned runs — will count for 1 point.

Currently, Maranara has 7 points, followed by sox5452 with 5 and ric with 4…but anyone with at least two points still has a chance at winning. And barring a freak hailstorm in KC tonight, we should know all the winners later tonight…

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