Why do I hate the Orioles? Let me count the ways.

April 26th, 2007 → 10:49 pm @ // 7 Comments

The Orioles are home to two of the biggest punks to wear a Red Sox uniform in the past half-decade: Jay Payton, whose agent actually warned the Red Sox that Payton was planning the throw a fit to ensure his release in 2005 (this because he was upset about his playing time), and Kevin Millar, who did his best to seize the whiny little bitch crown Payton left behind by using former Herald reporter Howard Bryant to anonymously “call out” Schilling. (Think about this: there’s so much crap about Millar I don’t even need to remind people that last year he actually left a bag full of dog shit for Terry when the Sox visited Baltimore.)

So I wasn’t surprised when the tired, pathetic, bloody-sock-or-not debate reared its tired, pathetic head courtesy of a tired, pathetic Orioles broadcaster. (I actually don’t know if that last part is true.) And even though the whole thing has apparently been taken care of — one big misunderstanding, blah blah blah — I’m also not surprised that Doug “Devil Dog” Mirabelli was somehow in the middle of all this. There were some Red Sox I liked, some I felt indifferent to, and some I both admired and was annoyed by. Mirabelli was the only guy I just felt was a flat-out jerk. Except that’s not the language I  normally use to describe him.

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7 Comments → “Why do I hate the Orioles? Let me count the ways.”

  1. nolofinwe

    11 years ago

    I think Millar left the bag o’ crap in the Twins visiting clubhouse for Francona, not in Baltimore. But either way, he’s always bugged me too.

    I’ve never gotten that “flat-out jerk” vibe from Mirabelli though. Of course, I’ve never met him either. What gives you that impression?


  2. Adam White

    11 years ago

    I will be forever mystefied that, barely a month after Dave Roberts’s world series heroics, the Sox traded him for Jay Payton.

    That, and ditching Cabrera for Renteria and signing that idiot David Wells, made clear to me that the Sox were in a hurry to f*ck up a good thing.


  3. rog

    11 years ago

    I was trying to find an article that I read (maybe in the Herald?) about how Doug M. mercilessly makes fun of a mentally disabled person who works either in PR or for one of the local New England papers (Seth, help me out). I think Seth’s ‘impression’ was made from being around the team long enough to form opinions on these guys. He also gave off a few jerk vibes in that episode of Queer Eye For the Straight Guy. There’s something overly ‘aging frat boy’ about him.


  4. nolofinwe

    11 years ago

    “I think Seth’s ‘impression’ was made from being around the team long enough to form opinions on these guys.”

    That’s what I meant by “Of course, I’ve never met him, either.” Seth would have a better read on this than some random guy in Western Mass (me). I was just wondering.


  5. V06

    11 years ago

    I wouldn’t use the word “hate” in describing the Orioles – let’s reserve that word only for the Yankees. Sneering pity is a deserving emotion for that woeful organization.

    Of course, the two “biggest punks” to wear a Red Sox uni in recent memory were brought in by the current Sox front office which seems to pride itself on “character” guys.

    Doug Mirabelli is one Tim Wakefield career-ending injury away from selling insurance in Wichita, KS. Or selling used cars in Phoenix.

    I think it was a New England media member with a speech impediment that Dougie was caught making fun of behind his back several years ago – you know, the reporter off-camera that when they’re interviewing players in the locker room after the game that you can’t understand what he’s asking the player. Like the guy is chewing on marbles while he’s talking or something.

    Dougie probably made fun of Johhny Damon’s stutter when he wasn’t around too


  6. tmorgan

    11 years ago

    I really don’t think that Millar is worthy of any hate. Hearing from mostly Tito and Schill it seems like the team still has a good relationship with him, the notable piece of evidence to me from when Millar guest wrote on 38pitches during spring training. I think the truth is that he wore out his welcome by about a year in Boston and the clubhouse, but since he left they get along great. Kind of like fighting siblings after one goes to college.

    As far as Dougie is concerned I think Tito summed it up when he asked him “Why can’t you just hit every 5 days and shut up the rest of the time?”


  7. RedSoxGal

    10 years ago

    I believe there is a Red Sox beat reporter with MS which affects his speech, maybe that is who Doug was caught making fun of.


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