All I want is to be next to you

June 3rd, 2007 → 10:44 pm @ // No Comments

Sadly, I’m not talking about a Police reunion show. (I saw the Synchronicty tour way back in ’84. My dad fell asleep and I didn’t impress Suzanne Connors enough to get a kiss. It was still a great show.) I want to be next to all of you, and thankfully, I’ll be getting a chance in the coming weeks, with readings scheduled in New York, Boston, Cambridge, and Winchester. Check out the appearances page for all the down and dirty details; here’s you chance to get an honest-to-goodness signed copy of Feeding the Monster. And seriously, what could possibly be better beach reading during a summer like this? (If you can’t make it, you can still order the hardcover from Amazon for only $17.16 (cheap!), or, starting on Tuesday, the paperback from Amazon for only $10.20 (cheaper!). And, of course, free signed and personalized bookplates are still here for the asking. They’re really nice. Seriously: ask anyone you know who has one.)

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  1. kinshane

    17 years ago

    What, no trip to lovely Hawaii? There are at least 5 Sox fans out here. Oh, wait, Guy left. There are at least 4 Sox fans out here.


  2. rog

    17 years ago

    Can we go back to being negative? Can we tear someone a new one for refusing to bring up Lester while Tavarez stinks it up start after start?


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