Let us now praise unpraised men

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Yup: that’s a lame headline. And it’s not accurate. That’s fine; it’s Monday, and, as you can tell from the absence of recent posts, I’ve been a bit fried. But given my perennial love of the underdog, I need to give shout outs to Julio and CC. Lugo, bless his speedy little heart, has gone from a hitting something approximating .00004 in June to coming in damn near .500 in July. (Seriously, how many of you just knew he was gonna smack that grand salami off Contreras? And how awesome was his man-love hug with Manny when he got back to the dugout?) Coco’s also been lighting it up at the plate; more importantly, he’s still playing some truly awe inspiring defense. (I can’t remember which game it was, but sometime in the early going of a game against the Chi Sox he ran down a long fly that looked like a sure run-scoring double…and as I’ve said before, saving a run is as good as scoring one.)

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    17 years ago

    Yeah, it is great to see Crisp & Lugo on fire ike they are right now. Coco’s doing it again tonight. The only thing about Lugo’s slam off Contreras is I’m very puzzled why Guillen left Contreras in that long. Contreras came into the game 5-11 with a 5.32 ERA. When he pitched to Lugo he had already given up 6 runs, the bases were loaded and he had thrown 102 pitches. It’s almost like Guillen was punishing him leaving him in there.


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