Gt yr video highlights here…

October 23rd, 2007 → 8:39 am @ // No Comments

Several readers wrote in pointing out that Coco’s catch was, in fact, posted on the MLB site, although so far as I can tell you need to subscribe to the MLB postseason package to see it. Worth doing, though, for that alone.

And in case that’s not enough video highlight for one day, here’s JP’s latest audition for Alvin Ailey…

One more day till the fun begins.

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  1. TPIRman

    16 years ago

    Here’s a YouTube link — while it lasts — if you’re not subscribed to the MLB package.


  2. elmerhuh

    16 years ago

    Another crass article in the times by chass. I anticipate you reading it and then basically taking him to task for the way he reveals his lack of intelligence and his basic defiance of journalism


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