Schilling back for ’08

November 6th, 2007 → 3:46 pm @ // No Comments

This has already broken over the wires, but Schilling re-signed with the Sox. It’s a one-year deal, which, I’m assuming, means he really will retire after next year; otherwise, he would have/should have been able to find a longer deal from some other team prettily easily. I don’t know the terms, but I’d assume they’re close to the $13 mil or so he got this year.

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  1. amos

    16 years ago

    Details are on the dome-bellied guy’s blog.


  2. sonomasox

    16 years ago

    Where’s the love and defense for Coco? No comment on Coco getting robbed?
    Sure Ichiro, Hunter & Sizemore are good but none made plays like Coco – he got to balls maybe only Sizmeore could have touched. A sham!


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