We won’t have Murray Chass to kick around anymore (maybe…)

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Not surprisingly, I’ve gotten lots of emails about the news that Murray Chass might have been nudged out the door at the Times. This would undoubtedly be a good thing for the sportswriting profession, as well as for anyone who regularly reads the Times’ sports section. (Just last week I had lunch with a longtime baseball scribe who said, more or less unprompted, that Chass was the worst sportswriter in the country…maybe ever.)

Chass has long been somewhat of a bete noire for me. I have no independent news about his supposed forced buyout, but if his career is actually done–and unlike Jackie Mac, I can’t imagine anyone bidding for his services–I’ll need to look elsewhere for my morning dose of indignation. And two-bit baseball officials and washed up hardball lifers will need to find someone else to faithfully regurgitate their pablum.

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  1. kinshane

    16 years ago

    Mnookage, why did I immediately think of you when I heard that ChassM was out of a job?


  2. Rick Assad

    16 years ago

    I’ve enjoyed your work, but vehemently disagree with your take on the NY Times’ Murray Chass. If his employer wasn’t happy with his work, why push him out the first week of the season? They should have let him finish the year, and then, if they weren’t pleased, offer the buyout.
    With regard to your baseball scribe friend saying Chass was the worst sportswriter ever, that’s simply nonsense. If he was so bad, how did he last 38 years at the Times?
    I would rank Chass at the top of any list, and his knowledge and insight into baseball’s legal issues alone puts him up there with the giants.
    Sure, Chass was getting older, and perhaps stuck in his ways, but don’t we all as we age?
    The internet guys, of which I’m one, may be licking their chops given that he no longer has a forum, but his body of work takes a backseat to no one.
    For those interested in reading more from me on the subject, I will have a column this Sunday at http://www.mybaseballbias.com, where I’m a regular contributor.

    Rick Assad

  3. […] But a few weeks ago, when Murray Chass was pushed out by the New York Times, we here at UmpBump decided to say nothing. We actually [gulp] felt kinda sorta bad for the guy, almost. (Then he went and said how he hated bloggers because we had no qualifications, and in fact, “our wives could go on and do it if they wanted to.” I would pay good money to know what Mrs. Chass had to say about that quip.) […]


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