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January 3rd, 2009 → 3:54 pm @ // No Comments

Until I figure out what’s going on, the offer of free bookplates is being suspended. After a slow but steady trickle for the last two years, I’m suddenly getting upwards of 50 requests a day — and a good number of those are from overseas. I know Red Sox Nation has international tentacles, but I’m not convinced there’s a sudden surge of Pedroia partisans in Poland. For now, everyone who sent out bookplate requests before December 31 will get one in the mail in the next several days. Anyone who sent one between 12:01 pm on December 31 and 3:00 pm today will not be receiving one. Going forward, bookplate requests must include a sentence telling me what you liked (or didn’t like, or expect to like, or expect to not like) about the book. All that will be explained here.

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