“He should have examined the eyes of my mind”

February 4th, 2011 → 10:27 am @ // No Comments

I’ve been a bluegrass fan for years — which means I’ve come across a fair number of high lonesome oddities.

This video of Jimmy Martin lip-syncing along to his song “20/20 Vision” takes the cake. I’ll leave it here without any further comment.

(Hat tip to guitarist/singer extraordinaire Michael Daves, who also happens to be a kick-ass mandolin teacher. Look out for Michael’s album with Chris Thile of the Punch Brothers sometime in the next year.)

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One Comment → ““He should have examined the eyes of my mind””

  1. Sullivan

    13 years ago

    You know, the soundtrack correlates with the movements of his mouth, but I don’t think there is a causal connection.


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