A trick is something a whore does for money…or candy.

March 9th, 2007 → 12:07 pm @

“‘PayPerPost versus authentic blogging is like comparing prostitution with making love to someone you care for deeply. No one with any level of ethics would get involved with these clowns,’ said Jason McCabe Calacanis, an entrepreneur who co-founded Weblogs Inc., a network of blogs that includes popular technology site Engadget.”

“Blogging for dollars raises questions of online ethics.”

by Josh Friedman
The Los Angeles Times
March 9, 2007

That’s easy for Calacanis to say: he rode the Internet Bubble 1.0 to its peak and later sold his “blogging” outfit to AOL. But whatever. I will gladly hook if this is what counts as making love to someone I care about deeply. The lines are open. I’m cheap. And I’ll entertain all offers.

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