The lack of good mullets makes for a heavy heart

September 6th, 2006 → 9:48 am @

The last several nights — nay, the last several years — have had their share of unlikely pitching heroes. Seriously, who among you thought we’d be relying on this guy or this guy to stifle the World Champs in a September series?

But, of course, that irascible wanna-be rock star named Bronson had to go and remind us once again that he’ll never be Saturn Nuts for Boston again. (Hey, at least Schilling didn’t nickname him Pluto Nuts; if he had, BA would currently be the proud owner of a pair of dwarf testicles.) After early season dominance and mid-season mediocrity, Bronson three a three-hit, complete-game shutout last night against the Giants. Which is great and all, but let’s admit it: the real season we miss Arroyo is because it’s unlikely the Sox will ever again have a player who can take the field acting as if it’s totally normal to look like this.

(Picture brought to our attention courtesy of the always on the ball(s) Deadspin.)

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Huh. Somehow this makes him seem a lot less intimidating.

June 20th, 2006 → 7:15 pm @

Watch Jonathan Papelbon as he tries to make Red Sox fans forget about the loss of Bronson Arroyo. (Link via Deadspin.)

Alternate headline: So this is how rookies augment their major league minimum-salaries.

Alternate headline #2: Further proof that the only way car salesmen ever get to hang out with ballplayers is to pay them.

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