Hinske’s highlight: the diving grab for anyone who missed it…

May 18th, 2007 → 12:28 pm @

Here’s a clip of Eric Hinske’s game saving catch last night (link via Dirt Dog, which is only appropriate since Eric literally ended up eating dirt). It’s well worth watching. Try not to speculate as to whether JDD would have hurt himself doing a bellyflop like that…

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Manny and defense, part 4: The links

March 21st, 2007 → 11:33 am @

I’ve been deficient in time spent on Sons of Sam Horn, and quick trip over there this morning turned up an interesting and informative thread on the whole Manny/defense/overall worth debate. Not surprisingly, there’s a lot of good stuff in there. (Most of it supports my arguments. I rule!)

Other good discussions: a February ’06 SoSH thread that specifically addresses Manny’s fielding; a March ’06 Inside the Book piece titled “What Is Manny Really Worth?“; and the resulting SoSH thread of the same name. More recently — as in last week — Baseball Think Factory ran an analysis of the Sox’s defense.

There. That should take up most of your work day. Enjoy.

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