Consensus seems to be that I’m the actual moron

November 18th, 2008 → 2:10 pm @

I expect to get some hits from Gawker every now and again – after all, anyone who once wore this shirt for a photo shoot can’t be surprised when he’s ridiculed publicly. And I’d be a fool not to expect criticism from the likes of “i4yankees,” who posted in the comments section below.

But I’ve also heard from several other folks, and most of them have told me it was a dick move to post the transcript of a voicemail from a Bloomberg LP salesman regardless of how vertiginously convoluted it might have been. For the record, what I thought was odd was not – as Gawker surmised – that said cold-calling Bloomberg terminal salesman didn’t know who I was; what seemed so strange was that I should be on his radar in the first place. (I’ve never, after all, received any kind of sales pitch in the past.) I figured the only way my name could have come up – and the only way he could have tracked down my unlisted home phone number – was if someone in his office actually did know me. And it’s true: I did find it peculiar that he was able to track down a piece on The Da Vinci Code that I wrote more than two years ago without also discovering that the most recent piece I’d written was about his employer.

Anyway. The people have spoken, and they’ve said that the many hours I spend at home in sweatpants and a t-shirt have diminished my ability to navigate the vagaries of polite society. Duly noted. And my apologies, [name] of the Bloomberg LP sales office.

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Ignore everything I said earlier

September 6th, 2007 → 11:43 am @

That post on playoff roster rules? Yeah, it was all wrong. See below for the correct explanation of who’s eligible to suit up come the playoffs…

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