The wonderful world of general managers, you can lead a horse to water edition

December 10th, 2006 → 10:24 am @

In today’s edition of the Times‘s “Keeping Score” column, Alan Schwarz has this nugget:

“Major League Baseball has devoted resources to educating club officials on how to make better decisions on contracts. One step was emphasizing how most players in their early 30s, though known commodities, quickly lose their productivity and value. More subtle is the message that purchasing extra years to hedge against market inflation — particularly with pitchers — may be outweighed by added risk. The player can become injured or simply not be as good as expected, leaving the club saddled with a payroll-draining deal or the drag of paying another club millions to take the player off its hands.”

Bill Stoneman and Dayton Moore must have slept through that seminar.

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