And don’t forget to tip your waitresses

September 1st, 2006 → 10:32 pm @

It’s reverse lock week: take one Kyle Snyder, mix with longtime nemesis Ted Lilly, subtract an injured Jonathan Papelbon, and what do you get? I’m surprised you even had to ask: a 2-1 Red Sox win. (I’ll hold off getting too worried about Papelbon until Dr. Gill announces that “it’s only a flesh wound.” OK, fine: I’m plenty worried about Papelbon; it’s never good when a pitcher grabs at his shoulder in pain. At some point the non-injured guys on the team are going to start wearing suits of armor, like that dude in the lottery ad.)

Anyway, that’s (hopefully) it for me until Tuesday: I’m heading to KC for a wedding. I’ll also be eating the best food on Earth. With any luck, that won’t put me in a food coma I’ll be able to stop by next door as well. Have a good long weekend, everyone. Remember to hug your loved ones.

(Oh, and: this whole “away for the weekend and theoretically not bringing a computer or checking email” thing means I’ll likely be a bit slower than usual about getting to and posting comments. Don’t worry — it’ll all get up there eventually.)

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