Woof woof

October 5th, 2006 → 10:25 am @

I know: you don’t have enough sites to check every day before you start “work.” This site should either help you consolidate your online viewing time or should help you spend much more time surfing; either way, you win. Sort of.

The site’s called Yardbarker, and it’s essentially a Digg for sports bloggers. If you read a good post (of mine), you submit it to the site; then when you read posts (of mine) that you like, you give them positive ratings; the most popular posts get pushed to the front of the line. (Recently posted posts: “ESPN Hates You: Joe Morgan to Call both NY Games,” “Cage Match: Tex Winter vs. Shaq,” and “Is Theo Epstein An Idiot?” Plus, Barry Zito’s surprisingly witty realtime blog. The man has a quicker trigger finger than Schilling.)

So check it out. It’s far too early in the day to start dealing with flowcharts and data entry.

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