Tonight, I’m cleaning out my comments

August 21st, 2006 → 4:06 pm @ // No Comments

Emotions are running high these days — which I certainly understand — but let’s not have the comments section here turn into a flame war. Once you’ve made your point, leave it at that. I’ve posted almost everything people have written in, but I’m going to get a little more selective. Insulting me is fine. Racist, sexist, homophobic, or hateful comments are not, and repeating yourself ad infinitum will no longer be, either.

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  1. soxfannyc

    17 years ago

    To all those Sox fans outside of NY, be thankful you dont live in NYC during times likes these. The losses were so excruciating during this five game series that even the Yankees fans in my office didnt ride me too hard when the final game was lost on Monday. It was almost as if they felt bad for the Sox the losses were so pathetic. However, I know now more than ever that every Sox fan should be proud to say they are a Red Sox fan. Yes, there will be tough times and we won’t win every year, or even make the playoffs every year. But the tough times are what makes the sweet times even sweeter. Part of what made 2004 so great, so amazing was the bitter finale in 2003. I cried when Boone hit the HR. I was at Game 3 of the 2004 ACLS. I took a picture of the scoreboard to remember the empty feeling that night. But the lowest lows couldnt match the high I felt after the Sox beat the Yankees in Game 7. It was a night I will never forget. I partied with all my Boston friends at a bar in NYC that night until the wee hours of the morning. We all had chills when we first saw the Nike comercial. Just Do It!!! Well they did, beating the Yankees and then the Cards. It was the best two weeks of my life. I was emotionally drained, tired, exhausted and I loved every minute of it. What made those times so special, so rewarding was remembering all the tough times the team had to endure just to get to that point. We are going through another one of those challenging times right now. Players get old, they move on. Its baseball in the 21st Century. Nevertheless, I know with absolute certainty that we root for the greatest franchise in baseball. Sure, we havent won as many championships as the Yankees and some other teams but the Sox have a soul and character that no other team can match. I still believe in Theo, I know he has a plan. It may take some time, and the transition from an aging to a younger one is never easy. In the meantime, Keep the Faith! Be proud to say you are a Sox fan because a day will come when another championship banner will be raised.


  2. kml1258

    17 years ago

    That is the only post on any website in the world that has made me feel any better in the last 5 days(maybe since 10/27/04). I do remind myself as I watched excuciatingly on my desktop at work yesterday(No, my job hasn’t suffered,I have.). We are the greatest fans in any sport, we fill our “home” stadiums in places like Tampa(St. Pete), Kansas City, Texas, Oakland with more fans than the locals and we cheer, boo and live and die with every loss. Not one person I’ve met in 9 years living in Kansas City can even come close to having a passion for the Royals that I have for the Sox. That what makes being a Sox fan a Sox fan. Meeting other travelling Sox fans on the road is the best. I bet no one can say that about the teams the cheer for, not even the Yankees.

    Let’s remember late tonight, and the next 8,as we all stay up way past our bedtime that being a Sox fan is bigger than just today, but like the FO we also have a long term plan.

    GO SOX!!!


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