Guess who’s back…back again

November 27th, 2007 → 11:54 am @

I’ve returned from Southeast Asia, where I explored the ruins of Angkor Wat, read of genocidal madmen, spent a day washing elephants, and watched four year olds shoot bottle rockets at each other. The region has a lot to rmend it…save, of course, for the lack of baseball and drinkable water.

As I slowly recover from jet lag I’ll wade back in here and get some thoughts and observations down about the departure of the Dentist, the return of Mike “Lunchpail” Lowell, and the A-Rod chronicles, part 814. For now, here’s my most recent piece, a profile of Doug Morris, the head of Universal Records. It focused on DRM – for those of you non-geeks out there, that’s digital rights management, otherwise known as the way record companies et al protect digital files. I have some more thoughts about the piece, and some thoughts on how it has been interpreted, but as they say, all in good time…

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If you had one shot, would you capture it (and if you did, would anbody bother tuning in?)

October 23rd, 2006 → 11:56 pm @

This should surprise exactly no one: the Detroit-St. Louis matchup has topped last year’s Chicago-Houston contest as the least watched World Series in history. Kind of give a new meaning to the notion of losing yourself, eh?

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Tonight, I’m cleaning out my comments: part 2

August 24th, 2006 → 11:41 pm @

I prefer erring on the side of allowing more opinions to be heard as opposed to fewer, but I’m increasingly going to need to edit — and by edit I mean delete — some of the comments. Personal attacks directed at me are fine (until they become redundant); personal attacks directed at others — players, managers, members of the front office, reporters, columnists, old babysitters — are not. I welcome any constructive criticism, but I’m going to need to keep a cap on unmitigated insults. So, for example, “I find myself increasingly frustrated by Mike Timlin’s proclivity to allowing inherited runners to score and I think the Red Sox should consider using someone else as a set-up man” is a-okay; “Mike Timlin is a puss-sucking prick and the mere sight of his face makes me want to puke” is not.

If you post a comment and it doesn’t show up, don’t take it personally; there’s lot of stuff of my own that I end up deleting. If there’s something I find particularly upsetting, I’ll let you know; if you have a question about why a particular comment got edited, let me know. Some guaranteed ways to hear from me: race baiting (or racism), homophobia, sexism, making fun of Peter Gabriel-era Genesis. For any of these things, I’ll warn you once; after that, you’re off the board. Except for making fun of Genesis: there won’t be any warnings for that.

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Tonight, I’m cleaning out my comments

August 21st, 2006 → 4:06 pm @

Emotions are running high these days — which I certainly understand — but let’s not have the comments section here turn into a flame war. Once you’ve made your point, leave it at that. I’ve posted almost everything people have written in, but I’m going to get a little more selective. Insulting me is fine. Racist, sexist, homophobic, or hateful comments are not, and repeating yourself ad infinitum will no longer be, either.

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