It’s scary to think of where this kid will be in ten years

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In Judaism, you become a man at age 13. I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m betting 13-year-old Alex Reimer is a member of the tribe. (I’m sure Denis Leary would love riffing on that.) Reimer, for those of you who’ve been on a deserted island for the last couple of years, is the broadcasting phenom and host of “Without a Curse,” a weekly Sox podcast on (it’s posted every Monday and Thursday). Reimer’s been the subject of Boston Globe profiles and handled his appearance on the Tonight Show with far more aplomb than I would have. (No Jon Stewart appearances for him (yet, anyway), so at least I have him on that count.) Reimer’s smart, opinionated, fearless, and crazy informed about sports…kind of a Saturn Nuts of podcasters.

Last night I had the honor of being interviewed by Alex; perhaps not surprisingly, it was one of the more informed and insightful interviews I’ve done for Feeding the Monster. He posted the podcast this morning. It’s worth listening to…not for me, but for him.

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  1. Mude

    17 years ago

    Hi Seth. I enjoy your work, and I’m glad to hear you’ll be posting throughout the offseason.

    What are the chances of having a FTM reading in Amman, Jordan? Kidding, but if you find yourself next door in Israel, let me know and I’ll definitely come over for a listen…and a beer or two.

    BTW, the link in your post to the interview with Alex Reimer didn’t work. Here’s the correct link, if anyone wants to check it out (worth a listen):


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