Guess who’s back…back again

February 6th, 2007 → 8:42 pm @ // No Comments

I’m almost certain I’ve already used that lame, ripped-off headline after disappearing for three days or so. But I’ve found — especially when I have other things going on and when it’s so motherfucking cold outside it takes all of my energy to go out to get milk — that this whole keeping-informed-to-the-extent-that-I-feel-like-I-have-something-to-add-to-the-conversation stuff is hard. And yes, I know, I could just blather on about a subject about which I have nothing to add…but I’m not at that point. Yet.

Anyway, to keep the whole Slim Shady thing going, way back when I did the whole “cleaning out my comments” schtick (twice, actually); it’s time for a reminder. I’m all for throwing some elbows and letting the invective (or the freak flag) fly, but once a conversation has run its course (or once people start being truly offensive), I’ll cut things off. Don’t take it personally, folks…

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