The peacemaker: A-Rod unites fractious NYC newspapers

June 16th, 2006 → 9:32 am @

From today’s NY Times: Rodriguez, it would seem, gets worse of Yanks’ tough day
“Rodriguez’s consecutive at-bats—home run [with none on and the Yankees trailing 6-1] and strikeout [with two on and the Yankees trailing 6-4]—seemed to verify what the critics say: that he produces when pressure is right and fails in tougher moments.”

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You know what would probably turn this around? Whining about the official scorer’s decisions.

UPDATE: Alex knows not to disappoint his fans, and on Friday night he delivers the big swinging K in a tie game with two outs and the bases loaded in the bottom of the eighth. To be fair, he did have an infield single in the third.

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Outtakes: Jonathan Papelbon learns the importance of tipping the bellman

June 16th, 2006 → 12:38 am @

This is the second in a series of outtakes from interviews done for Feeding the Monster, to be published on July 11 by Simon & Schuster. This interview with Jonathan Papelbon was conducted in the Red Sox clubhouse on September 6, 2005. This year, Papelbon is 1-1 with an American League-leading 20 saves and a 0.28 ERA.

On the differences between the minors and the bigs: Well for me, I knew what I had going at the minor-league level and I knew I was ready to come to the big-league level. But it’s a matter of really learning how the big-league level works and at the same time, coming here and helping to compete to win the pennant race. That’s what it’s all about. Because up here, it’s all about winning. In the minor leagues, it’s all about development, production, stuff like that. Up here, it’s all about winning, period. That’s what I’m here to do, and that’s what I’ve come to realize: that’s all I’m here to do.

On the intensity of playing with the Red Sox: No, I wouldn’t say it’s been overwhelming at all. The game hasn’t been overwhelming. The game hasn’t changed on me a whole lot. I think the thing that has changed is getting used to the traveling—you know, checking your bags with the bell captain, which I’ve never done before. Just things like that, things outside the game like getting to the field. When we were flying from Kansas City, I didn’t know to leave my bags, so I took them with me to the park thinking I’m going to put them on the flight. I didn’t realize the bell captain takes them. And everyone’s like, “This is is big-leagues, you don’t carry your bags here! If somebody sees you carrying your bags they think you work for the team.” That was pretty much the moment where I was like, “All right. I’m really here.”

On playing in Boston: I love it. I love playing here, I love the atmosphere. I grew up playing college ball in this type of atmosphere where you’re expected to win, and I thrive off of it. And right now, I’m just riding the wave and doing everything I possibly can to help the team.

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On the plus side, if they lose tomorrow it’ll run the streak to five games

June 15th, 2006 → 11:20 pm @

And we all know how poorly that turned out last time.

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What, did Kelly Barons have the night off?

June 15th, 2006 → 2:50 pm @

Meet the new contestant for Boston’s favorite ballboy. Or ballperson, as the case may be. (Link via Deadspin, via some guy videotaping his DVR.)

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Group hug in the press box

June 15th, 2006 → 11:56 am @

Awww: Dan Shaughnessy proves he’s not an incorrigible curmudgeon with this big wet kiss to Chris Snow. Obligatory quote from Manny, who has spent approximately 1,000 hours in the same room as Snow over the past 16 months: “Who’s Chris?”

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In Bush’s defense, he spent the flight over doing shots of Jack

June 15th, 2006 → 9:23 am @

George Bush, national spokesman for Understanding Handicaps.

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$160 million doesn’t buy what it used to

June 15th, 2006 → 9:19 am @

Manny Ramirez speaks out on the differences between life under Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke.

“It’s all I can afford on my budget.”
— Manny Ramirez, June 2006, after stopping for take-out Chinese at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ve got money. I can buy another one.”
— Manny Ramirez, June 2002, after losing a $15,000 diamond earring after a headfirst slide during a rehab stint in Pawtucket.

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