Look, over there! On Deadspin! Or: about last night

April 12th, 2007 → 4:30 pm @

No, I haven’t fallen into a stupor after last night’s King Felix-Dice K match up; I spent the day on the Acela, heading back home (yes, to New York). Also, the brilliant Will Leitch, the man behind Deadspin, asked me to do a write up for him. And anyone who’s ever seen Will knows he’s a hard man to turn down.

So without further ado, here it is. Read all about the flash-bulby brilliance of April 11th, why Manny’s pathetic “on slugging percentage” means he should be jettisoned, and why Felix Hernandez will end the season with an ERA+ of infinity.

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What to do when Big Papi’s big bat gets a little flat

August 21st, 2006 → 11:13 pm @

David Ortiz is shilling for hard-on helpers. Seriously — check it out. And it gets worse: he compares failing in the clutch to failing in the sack. (“There are some at-bats where one can’t afford to fail, the same is true during the intimate moments. Take Elevex. Take it from me, David Ortiz (big wink) ‘Big Papi.'”)

Taken to its logical conclusion, this means no one on the Sox has been laid in a week. And it puts Ortiz’s comments after Friday’s double-massacre — “I feel like somebody just kicked my ass. Actually somebody did…That was fucking unbelievable” — in a whole different light.

No wonder everyone’s been so pissy lately.

(Link via Deadspin.)

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Combine a DSL connection, some free time, and lots of online videos… (Warning: no porn content)

July 2nd, 2006 → 1:59 pm @

It’s Sunday, I haven’t brushed my teeth yet, and the superballs got me poking around for some great ads. The first one I sought out was “The Showdown” (click on McDonalds in the left-hand menu). Speaking of Jordan, I’m partial to the “Jordan 21” ad. There’s also, of course, some obligatory World Series ads: the funny one and the dusty one.

Once you start poking around for videos, it’s hard to stop. For anyone who hasn’t turned on their TV in the past 24 hours, you can compare Gary Matthews to Coco Crisp. (I know Crisp’s catch was a game-saver, but I don’t see any way Matthews doesn’t come out on top.) I couldn’t find video of Pedro’s 99 All-Star game performance, but here’s a nice tribute (I’d forgotten about the time he offered his glove to an ump and told him to pitch). And then there’s this weirdly touching super-fan remix throw-down, the battle of the Dream Ons, with the Sox going old school and Larry Legend getting the Eminem treatment.

(Apologies to Bill Simmons for the blatant appropriation. And when you go to the Simmons column, check out Will Leitch‘s picks in a sidebar on the right.)

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What, did Kelly Barons have the night off?

June 15th, 2006 → 2:50 pm @

Meet the new contestant for Boston’s favorite ballboy. Or ballperson, as the case may be. (Link via Deadspin, via some guy videotaping his DVR.)

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In a minute it will all be coming down.

June 8th, 2006 → 11:42 pm @

Remember when Deadspin’s Will Leitch predicted that those blacked out names from the Grimsley affidavit would eventually leak out? He’s a prescient one: earlier today, Leitch posted some of those names, which he says he’s fairly confident about. Sammy Sosa’s name is apparently one of those blacked out, which comes as a surprise to approximately no one. Then there’s also this revelation: Leitch, a devoted Cardinals fan, says Grimsley named Chris Mihlfeld as the “fitness trainer to several Major League Baseball players” who directed him to a source that provided “amphetamines, anabolic steroids, and human growth hormone.” So what, right? Well, Mihlfeld–not the source who’s said to have served as Grimsley’s personal pharmacy–is not only a former strength and conditioning coordinator for the Royals, he’s also Albert Pujols’ personal trainer. Think anyone will start poking around now? (And why is it that Leitch, a hell of a blogger and apparently a decent reporter too, is the one breaking this news? As good as he is, he’s one dude being paid slave labor wages by a charming Brit. You’d think one of the thousands of accredited MLB reporters in the country might have come up with some of this…)

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