At least Derek Lowe learned something about Grady Little in 2003…

June 23rd, 2006 → 12:15 pm @ // No Comments

…namely that this is a man completely undeserving of respect. (It’s a good thing they don’t care about baseball in LA.) From today’s LA Times:

“Lowe (6-3) was pitching one day earlier than expected because Brett Tomko fouled a ball off his left foot during batting practice Wednesday. After the eighth inning, Manager Grady Little shook Lowe’s hand in the dugout as if to say his outing was over.

Lowe’s reaction? ‘I told him, ‘I’m not coming out,’ ‘ he said.

With one out in the ninth, Little tried again, visiting the mound after Richie Sexson singled. According to catcher Russell Martin, Little said to Lowe, ‘I’m giving you one more chance,’ and Lowe answered, ‘All right.'”

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3 Comments → “At least Derek Lowe learned something about Grady Little in 2003…”

  1. jacklamabe65

    17 years ago

    The Great Enabler strikes again. And we are suprised? Hopefully, D-Lowe takes his ritalin and gets through his second Grady experience in one piece.


  2. Michael Manning

    17 years ago

    Brett Tomko takes B.P.? Good for him.

    Warm Regards,
    Steve Guttenberg


  3. Mister Weebles

    17 years ago

    If I were Grady, I’d leave him in there. Seriously, I’d just leave him in there to take a beating.

    He wouldn’t pull that crap again.

    Yours in Allah,



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