Other people report (on Andy Pettitte); you decide

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Apparently, Andy Pettitte is close to signing a one-year deal with the Yankees for somewhere around $14 or $15 million. Speculation is that if Pettitte ends up in New York, Roger will too; indeed, the Times pretty much says that if Andy jumped off a bridge, Roger would too. (They do look awfully cute together.)

That might be true — I honestly have no idea (although I do know that last year the Rocket was deciding between the Sox and the ‘Stros; the Yankees weren’t really in the final picture). So for argument’s sake, let’s assume that it is, and let’s assume that a season of Andy and a half-season of Roger is going to cost somewhere north of $53 million ($14.5 for Pettitte, $18 for a half-season of Clemens, a bit north of $20 million in a luxury tax hit). Good deal for New York? Last year, Pettitte’s WHIP was higher than it’s been since 2000 and Roger is, after all, 44. (At least he’s not in Orlando, pathetically trolling for a job.)

So I’ll leave it up to. Make your voices heard. I’ll tally at the end of the day.

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  1. tinisoli

    17 years ago

    Why would Clemens get $18 million for half a season? Wasn’t his salary last year ($22 million) prorated? Didn’t he actually earn something closer to $10 million? I can’t imagine any pitcher would be paid a higher salary for half a season than any other pitcher is making for a whole season, even in this year’s insane market, and even for Rocket.


  2. redsoxtimes

    17 years ago

    If I were a NY fan, I would rather that…larger money short term deal than overpaying for the likes of Lilly and Padilla. However, if you had to make the decision of Rocket/Petitte vs. Zito/Igawa, I would feel better with the former and less of a commitment long term than the latter.

    Red Sox Times


  3. rog

    17 years ago

    Pettitte has been average for a while. A move back to the AL East would probably make his ERA go higher, too. Clemens’ ability to play even half a season should come into question. His physical problems aren’t going to get better as he gets older.


  4. sharrock

    17 years ago

    After so many offseasons of hearing about Clemens being courted, its makes my eyes burn to read anything about his possible destinations.

    But any return of the Pettite/Clemens duo makes the most sense for the Yankees. They can dump a bunch of money into one season with minimal long term commitment (perhaps 2008 to Andy), and see what next offseason brings. Heck, maybe next year they sign Matsuzaka.

    At least they will not be paying Gil Meche.

    As a Sox fan I’d like to see the whole Clemens thing explode in the Yankees face.


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