What to do when Big Papi’s big bat gets a little flat

August 21st, 2006 → 11:13 pm @

David Ortiz is shilling for hard-on helpers. Seriously — check it out. And it gets worse: he compares failing in the clutch to failing in the sack. (“There are some at-bats where one can’t afford to fail, the same is true during the intimate moments. Take Elevex. Take it from me, David Ortiz (big wink) ‘Big Papi.'”)

Taken to its logical conclusion, this means no one on the Sox has been laid in a week. And it puts Ortiz’s comments after Friday’s double-massacre — “I feel like somebody just kicked my ass. Actually somebody did…That was fucking unbelievable” — in a whole different light.

No wonder everyone’s been so pissy lately.

(Link via Deadspin.)

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